FADOFF – Fatigue Analysis Documentation OFFice

Who we are

The project is pushed forward by the consortium of four institutions:

The leader of the project is Jan Papuga.

The project is kindly supported by the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic during the period 2011-2014.

Which are our intentions

The acronym discloses our main areas of interest:

  • Fatigue: Except for the Conference databasewith a broader scope, fatigue issue is the major target of all our endeavour - be it
  • Analysis: As stated above, a big part of our effort is dedicated to benchmarking various computational solutions, including those implemented in particular fatigue solvers. As a part of this endeavour, PragTic fatigue solver is developed in order to allow us to implement even new proposed solution, which have not been commercialized yet. To increase the popularity of fatigue solution in the common design and analysis processes, and to force the cultivation of responsibility among fatigue solver developers, PragTic is provided to users in freeware and commercial versions.
  • Documentation: The benchmarking is so important because of the fact that the most fatigue solvers claim to be good, though they are just ready for use. The quality of the computation is unknown and thus not-stated, therefore it is replaced here by the ability to provide some result of the computation process. Only a proper benchmarking and reporting on its results can make our next designs safer and user- and environment-friendly. Also, documenting the existing solutions simplifies breeding of new solutions, because researchers and scientists can quickly evaluate what gone wrong with previous solutions. This should put a stop to the current practice, where the new proposed methods are so often validated on small data groups and with inferior computational methods.
  • OFFice: The quest for reaching the three goals above presents an extensive and exhausting work, which cannot be done by a sole person. We are thus aiming in transforming the current project of limited durability to something permanent, able to attract the attention of researchers and engineers and viable enough to earn for living of people directly included in the team. The final structure of FADOFF is not set yet. Thanks for providing us your feedback, opinions, ideas. We will be happy to discuss with you your ideas how to continue, or proposals on any mutual cooperation.

Updated: 2014-01-08
Created: 2013-12-18